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Carolina Promoter Online shares Canadian Pressing Copy Of The Black Album Sells For USD $27,500

 Discogs confirms the Most Expensive Item Sold for June 2018 is the 1987 original Canadian pressing of Prince’s The Black Album selling for USD $27,500. As the only known production copy from Canada, that makes this version of The Black Album one of the rarest pieces of vinyl in the world. This Canadian pressing supplants the previous record holder, the U.S. variant of The Black Album selling in April 2016 for USD $15,000.

The original release – without any credits – was intended to be released on 8 December 1987, but was canceled on Prince’s request just one week prior to release.

The whole production was subject of a worldwide recall. However: already circulating copies are used for numerous Bootleg releases between 1988 to 1993 and a 2nd wave (mostly clear or other colored vinyl) as aftermath when Prince passed away in 2016.

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