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Carolina Promoter Online drops “When We,” which entices listeners to enjoy a nightcap in the bedroom. The record is a single for the grown and sexy, who are not afraid to be vigorous. Also, Tank has been on the road introducing his new album, Savage, to the world.

New Album – Savage: With the Savage album, we’re picking up from where we left off from ‘Sex, Love, & Pain II.’ It’s like the f***kin with moments that everyone gravitates to while completing the project. I wanted the new record to be more aggressive and change up the sound a little bit. When we dropped ‘Sex, Love, and Pain II,’ the response was crazy. We said, “How about we create an album that emulates this sound.” It needed to have that aggressive energy that everyone will enjoy while listening to the album. We were definitely like savages while working on the album and it was the best foot forward. The music gives you an R&B moment where you can have those fierce moments.

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