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Carolina Promoter Online present ON DA RADAR spotlight recording artist born Tyon S. Brown aka Stick Up Kid, came into this world on May 10, 2000 in Columbia, South
Carolina where he was also raised.

Growing up, his biggest influences in music were people with the likes of
Chris Brown, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, and many more. Unlike other artists, Stick Up Kid has the voice to not only
embark with the makings of many national Rap/Hip Hop artists when you hear his roaring and vivid word play but as well with a R&B singer
twist bringing his smooth & convincing voice.

Growing up it was never easy for him and his family. Living in an apartment with just himself,
his sister, younger brother, and mother they had to survive on there own. He was always a smart kid and
has the power and willingness to do anything that he wants, but at this time, it was things he could just
simply not control and music was his way of coping with that. Living in a place like that and going
through the struggle of what Stick Up and his family have endured is why he started writing. He wanted
people not only in his neighborhood, but the people around the world to know his story and to let them
know that if you really grind and put all your effort into something, your dreams can come true.

He’s in the process of releasing just his first single “More Money More Problems” which should be dropping on SoundCloud and check back for a release date very soon.


Listen to the joint click the link below!

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